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19 Nov

It took a while, practically 10 years worth, to finally take back my mind, my body and ultimately, my self as a whole complete being. Now I’m not saying I’m perfect by far, what I’m saying is the following. I learned that one can in an essence, “heal” from PTSD. Tho the word heal in and of itself means to be completely rid of something negative, I’ve learned…..

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26 Sep

Now and Later

     ‘Wow so time can fly by!’

Pretty much everyone says that expression and experiences the feeling from time to time.  When PTSD occurs inside the brain, a part of the structure is damaged and the time stamp that is normally attached to memories are missing. I experience this weekly tho daily it can seem.  My loved ones can very easily get irritated.

‘Mom, that was last week not yesterday.’

‘O,’ I would think…..

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26 Sep

The Essence of PTSD : Song, ‘Zombie’ by The Cranberries

“Violence causes silence…”

“In your head they are fighting… crying… still fighting… dying.”

“…breaking heart taking over…”

     This song depicts the actualization of some struggles with PTSD.  Trauma occurs then many try to forget about it, brushing it off like nothing happened or becoming silent about it like this song says.  But our brain remembers.  It remembers the sensations and emotions of the incident like it’s…..

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25 Jan

Two and a half years later still going strong in the right direction, slower than molasses dripping from a tap in a maple tree it seems at times but none the less, still improving.  After My course in a PTSD program, I returned home and the real work began.  Making the right decisions for your sons well being, your health and your collective future sometimes is a series of maneuvers that take a lot of contemplation.  Having a healthy mind…..

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16 Sep

stock-photo-75916039-tribal-looking-woman-s-silhouette-with-leaves-overlaying-the-imageWhere I’ve Been The Last 2 Years: The End Of A Downward Spiral

I’ve been struggling for the past seven years to gain control over something that had complete control over me and ultimately every aspect of my life traumatizing my loved ones in the wake of my unbridled lifestyle. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder or PTSD I was told “Was in my head,” although technically that…..

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