26 Sep

The Essence of PTSD : Song, ‘Zombie’ by The Cranberries

“Violence causes silence…”

“In your head they are fighting… crying… still fighting… dying.”

“…breaking heart taking over…”

     This song depicts the actualization of some struggles with PTSD.  Trauma occurs then many try to forget about it, brushing it off like nothing happened or becoming silent about it like this song says.  But our brain remembers.  It remembers the sensations and emotions of the incident like it’s constantly still happening in the present day.  Parts of the brain get disrupted during the trauma and don’t store the information properly in certain structures in your head like the hippocampus.  Needless to say, the feelings or any part of the memory of the trauma come back unexpected while you’re unaware of why your body is in alarmed state or panic mode.  It could happen while you’re at a family picnic or at the movies.  Anywhere because its truly “In your head,” a part of your brain that’s been disrupted affecting many other bodily systems.

     Things that resurface the trauma are called triggers.  Triggers can be an object, a place, a smell or certain looks from a person, anything really.    When being treated for PTSD, one key is to learn what your triggers are.  Knowing them will help your awareness of yourself in the present moment as the moment actually is.  This is an important understanding to grasp while on your journey of relearning how to control your body and mind.  A very useful technique is mindfulness.  Many forms of this practice bring awareness into the here and now helping to stay in the present moment realizing your not in any danger and calming down your built in alarm system.  Help is always available. Never give up!


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