25 Jan

Two and a half years later still going strong in the right direction, slower than molasses dripping from a tap in a maple tree it seems at times but none the less, still improving.  After My course in a PTSD program, I returned home and the real work began.  Making the right decisions for your sons well being, your health and your collective future sometimes is a series of maneuvers that take a lot of contemplation.  Having a healthy mind to see this life long task come to completion is a must, obviously.

PTSD is a condition that needs constant attention.  After the initial learning starts, it’s the persons responsibility to put all the learning to constant practice.  For instance being in “The Here and Now,” is just one of the many hurdles to jump everyday. Leaning to control your body and mind, not letting it control you is another common task of living with PTSD.  Learning your triggers and how to handle them at a moments notice is another struggle most PTSD sufferers have to deal with.   Medicine and keeping up with your doctors visits and advice never ends but can get easier as time goes on.  Completing a program is just the beginning and most don’t realize that.

When I returned home my family thought o ok.  She’s healed, whole again and all better.  I had to laugh at that statement because little did they know my healing was and still is in many ways in its infancy stage.  Knowing my issues, being aware of what makes me tic and or emotional are things that not just me or other PTSD sufferers encounter but everyone in general deals with daily.  For me and others with PTSD its taken to another level of intensity and confusion.  PTSD programs are structured to help the patient understand themselves and the condition.

It’s also highly important to let others involved own their own mistakes and not take on everything as if its all your own faults.  In my last post I talked about how my issues affected everyone around me as if it was all my own mistakes.  That’s not true.  I was involved romantically with a man who couldn’t understand what I was going through and made problems for everyone around much worse.  For instance, I didn’t want to be touched.  I liked my space.  He was convinced I was cheating on him because as he stated, “If I’m not touching you someone else is.”  Thus he helped to make my life a living hell and everyone else around us.

PTSD is a common yet “hush hush,” topic.  If you or someone you love is going through a rough patch in their life, just talk about it.  Peacefully and intently listen to the conversation spoken and don’t be afraid to seek help.  Everyone has their own story, their own dark secrets.  Loving someone includes helping them figure out how to get over life’s hurdles thrust at them, learning to seek help and helping the unknown become known.  Only then can the healing process truly begin.

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