19 Nov

It took a while, practically 10 years worth, to finally take back my mind, my body and ultimately, my self as a whole complete being. Now I’m not saying I’m perfect by far, what I’m saying is the following. I learned that one can in an essence, “heal” from PTSD. Tho the word heal in and of itself means to be completely rid of something negative, I’ve learned to control my PTSD symptoms without the need of medicine, responsibly done all overseen by my doctor. I’ll probably always have PTSD but the point is I control my mind, body, emotions and how it all works within the different cranial structures. Those bodily systems do not control me, I control them and little did I know, I had the powers to do so all along hidden within. In fact, we all do.  Again, it took some time, learning of myself and what the struggle actually was that I was dealing with.

I needed medicine in the beginning. Then came a huge need for a knowledgeable boost concerning my new found issue, PTSD. I studied, went to different types of classes, treatment and training. I learned to use meditation as a self reflection tool to keep improving. I was then and am now most certainly determined and intelligent in which my present state depicts very accurately.  I’m in the middle of stage 2 pre-hire consideration working for Homeland Security as possibly a boarder patrol agent.  I work 40, sometimes +hours a week 3rd shift at Amazon as a warehouse associate. All this while having plenty of time for my beautiful and talented sons, my school (BA in Psychology) and my wonderful significant other, Brian.  Our creator, always by my side first and foremost and I couldn’t be more happy.  

I tell my story to tell others that Yes there is hope. Yes there is a thriving fulfilling life during the onset, all the way through and After PTSD symptoms considerably subside. Yes. Look up that words definition. Completely possible. I use meditation, spirituality and faith in our creator, different forms of art for emotional expression and other hobbies that specifically appeal to me for my daily “medicine.” You have to find what works for you. Hence, you have to “learn yourself” or rather, your new self. It all starts in your mind and current belief set. Tell yourself,
“It’s not that I can’t, it’s just that I haven’t Yet!”
Then formulate a realistic plan to achieve your goal. It’s possible, attainable and waiting for you to claim it. Look within, it’s already there.  Just claim it and proceed with action! 
Blessings always!
Lectra Kimberly Mae

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