26 Sep

Now and Later

     ‘Wow so time can fly by!’

Pretty much everyone says that expression and experiences the feeling from time to time.  When PTSD occurs inside the brain, a part of the structure is damaged and the time stamp that is normally attached to memories are missing.
I experience this weekly tho daily it can seem.  My loved ones can very easily get irritated.

‘Mom, that was last week not yesterday.’

‘O,’ I would think to myself as I try to put details together in my head.  It resembles Swiss cheese some may say. I think to explain my memory, it is better suited to say that it’s more like I have a bunch of blocks miss-placed in my head.  Moveable, rearrangeable and distinct in image, tho just misplaced or out of order.

You are not alone.  Memory is just one hurtle to jump over when PTSD takes hold.  It’s, normal, it happens scientifically for an exact reason.  Just remember, yes you are normal. You are your own standard of normal and yes, one of a kind and perfectly lovely in my book!

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